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GraphLAB is an R&D tool designed to lower the barriers to entry for graphene biosensing applications.

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GraphLAB  is a modular system. It is combining electronic measurement control units, software for programmed acquisition and analysis, and an optional pipetting robot. As such, GraphLAB is a unique R&D tool to automate the functionalization and measurement of graphene-based sensors and perform detection statistics.

The electronics module of GraphLAB is based on a high-quality 24-bit acquisition setup capable of acquiring both temporal data and field-effect curves. One module only requires a USB connection for power and communication. Each unit connects to 16 graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs). With extension options for 6 or more units, more than 96 GFETs can be tracked simultaneously. The module allows for high-resolution digital acquisition of signals coming from many sensor devices at the same time. The system is shipped with OpentronsTM-compatible boxes that enable seamless connection to Graphenea GFET S-20 chips for measurements in a liquid medium and robotic integration.

The GraphLAB software is fully integrated and combines advanced automation programming, acquisition protocols, and post-treatment with both Dirac voltage and capacitance change detection, together with real-time conductance shift analysis.

GraphLAB is the ideal equipment to accelerate the development of new functionalization methods for graphene-based sensors.

Our solutions can help you translating a bioreceptor… into a connected biosensor.


To complete its GraphLAB™ solution, Grapheal proposes licensing opportunities for its patented bioelectronic nanotechnology, and its connected prototypes and designs.

Grapheal can bring user-friendly tools, expertise, and technologies to help you develop your digital biosensing devices requiring only a smartphone to operate. 

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