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Multiplex FET Biosensors Characterization Platform


Batch A

Batch B

GraphLAB is a novel measurement platform for characterizing field-effect transistors, featuring :

  • High accuracy voltage outputs with 16-96 measurement channels acquisitions

  • Dual characterization: Time-series data logging and field-effect

  • Low-noise sustained DC voltages and voltage sweeps.

  • Software for signal control, data acquisition, and customizable post-measure analysis.

  • Fully synchronized with Opentrons pipetting robot enabling automation & protocols.

  • Compatible for integration with microfluidics.

GraphLAB will boost your research in sensors and bioelectronics!

GraphLAB is Suitable for:

  • Ion-sensitive FETs and ChemFETs

  • Organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) 

  • Liquid-gate sensors and FET biosensors

  • Low dimensional FETs (1D & 2D semiconductors)

  • Carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires

  • Graphene FETs

Our solutions can help you translating a bioreceptor… into a connected biosensor.


To complete its GraphLAB™ solution, Grapheal proposes licensing opportunities for its patented bioelectronic nanotechnology, and its connected prototypes and designs.

Grapheal can bring user-friendly tools, expertise, and technologies to help you develop your digital biosensing devices requiring only a smartphone to operate. 

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